People haven't actually asked me any questions. But if they did, those are the ones I imagine they'd ask me.

What's up with the name?

The name originated on twitch. I couldn't come up with anything original, so I started out with "Potato" which obviously wasn't available. I kept adding stuff until I ended up with "SweetPotatoWedge". People don't actually type out this horribly long name every time they mention me, so they usually refer to me as "spw".

I couldn't come up with anything better and at this point it's kind of established, so I just roll with it.

Why the ".ooo" tld?

This has partly to do with the name. Most 3 letter ".com" domains are already taken and if they aren't, you have to sell a kidney for them. And the fact that the acronym "spw" already has several meanings doesn't help matters.

The ".ooo" tld was still up for grabs, and I honestly kind of like it. It's generic, easy to remember and fairly affordable.

Why is this site so plain and ugly?

First of all, this is the first website I ever made, so it's all learning by doing.

But more importantly, I generally like things simple and minimalistic, so don't expect any flashy design or effects. I'm not using any framework, static site generator or javascript. Just plain old - manually written - HTML with some CSS sprinkled in.

Do people call you "sjw" a lot?